Hybrid Portable Bridge

Hybrid Portable Bridges

Available in a Variety of Configurations


70’ portable bridge for pipeline construction project.


55’ portable bridge with “strong-post” railing system providing temporary bypass during bridge replacement project.


60’ portable bridge utilized for electrical transmission line upgrades.

Hybrid Portable Bridges

  • Used instead of the hinged bridges in the following situations:
    • Desired width is greater than can be accommodated with the hinged bridges.
    • Desire to reduce pick/handling weight.
    • Structure dimensions/weight necessitates that the bridge be transported as multiple loads.
    • Desired guardrail system is more elaborate than can be accommodated with the hinged bridges.
  • Consist of partial-width by full-length modular units [with guardrail and deck pre-installed] that bolt together.
  • Feature tapered ends, heavy-duty towbars, and additional reinforcing to withstand the rigors of installation at multiple sites and to facilitate handling with excavating/forestry equipment.  Bridges can be “skidded” [pushed/pulled] for significant distances.
  • Can be designed/fabricated to nearly any width, capacity, and lengths up through 70’.  Refer to rental pricing page for “stock” sizes.
  • Also suitable for permanent installations.